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 Promotions 22-10-2011

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PostSubject: Promotions 22-10-2011   Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:38 pm

The following ppl got promos today, reason is noted:

Torros -> Templar
- up 2 ranks
- saw him online often enough and he IS lev 80 so no problem there

Pyromaniak -> Baron
- up 1 rank
- same reason as torros, but pyro had a higher rank b4 and he is with us longer then torros (atleast by the amount i saw him online)

Paulin -> Scout
- up 1 rank
- online enough to earn some rights in the Guild Vault

Licyn -> Templar
Whare -> Templar
Noxlunea -> Inquisitor
Itsmyturn -> Inquisitor
Adreon -> Scout
Alvarez -> Scout
Deathhealer -> Scout
- all up 1 rank
- all same reasons as above

Hysoka -> Inquisitor
- up 2 ranks
- online often, with us a long time and so on

New Officers

Thegolden -> Elite Guard
Gnoum -> Elite Guard
- both up 1 rank
- both are in the guild a long time, both are online often and both might help the guild a bit...if not, i'll take the ranks back Very Happy

grats to all and happy WoW-ing!!

P.S. i had some free time and i was rly bored and the guild was in need of some maintenance...
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Promotions 22-10-2011
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